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Blog Danny’s 5 Setback in Fat Loss


Danny’s 5 Setback in Fat Loss

  • by Danny Araujo
  • December 17, 2018

Tell me if you’ve heard this one before: “Hey, I’m eating less food now AND I’m working out. I’m confident I’ll lose those last few pounds!”
Guess what? You won’t.

Sure, you may get lucky and see the scale drop a few digits, but I promise—you won’t get any skinner, healthier, firmer or sexier.
Look, your body needs food to survive. So if you’re not eating enough, it goes into starvation mode and uses its lean muscle tissue for energy. This is BAD because it disrupts your metabolism. After a few weeks, the scale will not budge no matter what you do (unless you really starve yourself and thereby further damage your metabolism).
What will happen, you ask? You’ll either stay at your current weight or you’ll gain back whatever pounds you lost… plus a few more for good measure.  Why?  Because most of the weight you lost was in muscle mass and not in fat. Your efforts did you more harm than good.  You slowed down your metabolism, which in turn triggered your body to burn less calories and made it harder for your body to burn fat.
Your goal must be to at least maintain or better yet, increase the amount of muscle tissue you have WHILE losing fat.

Translation: EAT MORE when you’re working out.

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