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Blog The most efficient and effective way to attack weight loss!



The most efficient and effective way to attack weight loss!

  • by Danny Araujo
  • December 23, 2014


The biggest hurdle that is faced by the average person when they are trying to find weight loss strategies is time management. When to do it, is the major question they are plagued with. The goal of effective weight reduction is to achieve maximum fat-loss within the shortest possible time, keeping in view the working hours of most of the people. The factors comprising the hierarchy of fat loss comprise none other than balanced nutrition, resistance training and several other minor factors. We’ll touch upon these briefly.


For prompt weight loss within the shortest possible time, you need to adhere to a diet plan that consists of fresh fruits, vegetables, complex carbs, low or no fat dairy products, healthy fats, lean meats and fish. The trick is to always eat healthy foods and to only eat the amount you need based upon your activity level. Your weekly weight loss aim should not exceed 2 pounds. Weight loss faster than that isn’t the healthiest and will cause your metabolism to slow down.


Exercises can be broadly classified into three categories
• Activities that burn calories, maintain/promote muscle mass and elevate metabolism. (resistance training)
• Activities that burn calories and elevate metabolism. (HIIT)
• Activities that burn calories but don’t necessarily maintain muscle or elevate metabolism

Metabolic Resistance Training

The rationale that drives resistance training is to work out each and every muscle group intensely so as to leave behind a state of a disturbed metabolism (excess post exercise oxygen consumption, EPOC, or after burn) that results in a state of high metabolic activity for several hours after the work out. This is important to improve the metabolic profile of the body. MRT exercises help you burn fat and build muscle mass while gaining strength at the same time.

High Intensity Interval Training

This strategy alternates intervals of short intense anaerobic exercise with less-intense recovery periods. This results in higher elevation of metabolism than other training regimes. Fatty acid utilization after training cuts down the fat level of the body. It also reduces the risk of cardiovascular disorders. High intensity intermittent/interval training may consist of
• High Intensity Anaerobic Interval Training
• High Intensity Aerobic Interval Training
➢ Steady State High Intensity Aerobic Training
➢ Steady State Low Intensity Aerobic Training
With less time on hand, the best approach for weight reduction is resistance training first, High Intensity Interval training 2nd, High Intensity Aerobics 3rd, and low intensity aerobics last. Make a journal of your weekly activities and estimate the time that you can allocate to resistance training. With less than three hours per week, go for metabolic resistance training. This can be three one-hour training sessions or four 45-minute training sessions. This type of training involves barbell complexes, supersets, tri-sets, circuits, kettlebell combos, etc.
If you have three to five hours to spare, you can combine weight training with high intensity interval work. Interval training is likely to yield better outcome as compared to low intensity aerobics. Both are effective techniques with different degrees of outcomes.

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